Vagina Myths
As a woman who has had her fair share of men, I can testify to the fact that lots of men regard the female reproductive system as mysterious. Especially the vagina and the clitoris. In fact, a lot men that I have known would, it seems, regard the clitoris as being as mythical as Atlantis. And as unlikely to be found. But anyway, I have done a little research and there are some very odd things that people used to believe about vaginas. I only know about the female reproductive system from personal experience and I am far from being an expert. But I do know that there are many things people used to believe about pussies that are just plain wrong and weird. I guess it is sort of logical, as until very recently – good mirrors and access to lenses permitting - a lot of women will not have been able to look at their own under carriage. And a lot men were not allowed to, so there has always been a mystique about pussies. So let me put some of them to rest.

Henry H Clark of the Harvard University Medical School spent his entire lengthy career trying to prove that education will cause a woman's reproductive system to wither and die. Basically, intellectual strain would cause a females womb to shrivel. Historically, so called scientists believed that over developing a woman's brain would make her uterus shrivel. Well that would be a problem for many of the Manchester escorts that I work with, who are both very intelligent and well educated. Most of them also want to start a family once they have retired from their lucrative sex based career. In short, going to university is the same as being sterilised. But with more alcohol abuse, drugs and date rape.
Racism was also misogynistic throughout history. Here is the perfect example. It used to be believed that Asian women had horizontal vaginas. This bollocks was originally invented as a racist joke among the men who visited hookers in California during the Gold Rush in the eighteenth century. As a person that has seen many Asian vaginas in all sorts of situations, trust me it is not true.


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